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Marcia Guderian
 (pronounced: Mar-sha Good-air-ree-ann)
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photo by Frank C. Murdzia


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It's About ... Time

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Christmastimes Nw

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Mansion on Mars

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No Parking Any Time

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Full Moon

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Oh Now
That's Just Silly!

Picture of Marcia
Photo by Michael Latimer
Guitar by David Krause


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Fiber Art

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"Marcia - She's Awesome, she makes it all possible"
Ryan Wicklund, The Klipsun

"...a wide smile lights up the room when Guderian takes the microphone."
Melissa Evavoid, The Western Front

"Marcia Guderian did a lovely job and is a lovely person who is very easy to work with"
Phyllis Wilson, Pam Elsby;
Harrison Festival of the Arts, Harrison Hot Springs, BC

"A pulled plug won't stop Marcia from bringing music to her raving fans"
Wayne Ellis, The Every Other Weekly

"...a wonderful performance, a beautiful voice.."
Tracy & Betty Stipek,BDS Productions

"An expressive singer with a strong sweet voice"
David Hull, Northwest Events & Lifestyle Review

"Guderian shares genuine warmth and generosity with all..."
Melissa Evavoid, The Western Front

"Guderian is an accomplished performer...a guiding light..."
Gord Wilson, Apropos Magazine

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P.O. Box 1569
Bellingham, WA 98227
(360) 647-4371

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