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More About "It's About ... Time"

  Yes really - It's About ... Time - that's the title of the new (2015) CD. Due to procrastination and stumbling blocks, the project took over 7 years from start to finish. The reason for the three dots is so that you can supply your own adjective, (I can think of a few). It has 14 of my songs on it and some great tracks from some very talented local musicians.
Another feature is a recording of "For A While" that was started years ago and then forgotten about. In the middle there's a beautiful violin solo from Guy Mulford and so the song is dedicated to his memory. We ran across it on an old reel to reel tape that was starting to go bad. David Jennings managed to rescue it somehow, and I added new vocal(s).
I mixed it myself. What a chore! I thought it would never be completed, and then, after "releasing" it in May of 2015, it was still not done. About a year later, I listened to it again and realized that it contained fatal flaws that for some reason I hadn't heard before. I had to withdraw it to correct the problems and re-issued it in December 2016. If anyone bought one of the earlier versions, please let me know to send you a free replacement disc, (Just the disc was re-made, the packaging is the same).



Look for me in a new-ish 4 piece electric band called Top Secret.
We specialize in 60s "Surf & Spy" music. I'm on vocals and guitar, with Rand Mitchell on lead guitar, Frank Morgan on bass and vocals, and Paul Marshall on drums.   The music is fun and has wide audience appeal. Definitely check out this link.



Laurette Langille CD

Laurette was a renowned local blues musician who won many awards for both her own performances and for the shows she hosted. She was diagnosed with cancer and died in 2008 having never made a CD, but Jerry Wolcott of In Tune Studios prepared a compilation from his recordings of her live concerts, I did the artwork and we released an album of 12 songs. Funding was raised through generous contributions from the community. The album was released in January 2011. Copies are available through CD Baby. Proceeds from all sales go to Laurette's daughter, Tempeste Langille.
In 2013 Jerry Wolcott also passed away. The musical community will miss both of these people for a very long time.


Laurette Langille CD
Langille CD

San Francisco by Anna L. Conti

I was extremely flattered when this wonderful San Francisco artist contacted me and asked permission to use my song, "Painting The World Blue", to back up some of her paintings in this beautiful slide show.
Of Dolphins and Guitars

Many people ask me about this beautiful archtop guitar.
It was made by David Krause of Seattle. Dave is an ingenious Luthier, who also makes classical and parlor guitars, mandolins and violins. All his instruments are finely crafted and imaginative in design.
People ask me for his contact information all the time. You may email Dave at, or visit his website at


My Alter Ego is an Artist too

Check out the gallery of my Fiber Art including sculpture and wall pieces in a variety of soft media. Click on the words "Fiber Art" wherever they appear on this page.

Best Wishes to All

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