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Live Performance Videos



See See Rider
recorded live on August 7, 2019
at the Skagit Fair in Mt Vernon, WA



Buy Me A Mansion On Mars
recorded live on June 1, 2019
at Duvall Days in Duvall, WA



Winter Wonderland
recorded live on December 15, 2018
at Haggen's Sing From The Heart in Bellingham, WA



Up In The Attic
recorded live on October 17, 2018
at a Chuckanut Square Concert in Bellingham, WA




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Live Demos



See If I'll Care
recorded live on July 19, 2018



Kitchen Man
recorded live on July 10, 2018



Ain't We Got Fun
recorded live on February 5, 2018



I'm in Love With A Big Blue Frog
recorded live on February 5, 2018



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Creative Content


A House Wive's Tale
© Entendre Music 2018



If You Should Listen
© Entendre Music 2018



Once I Wanted...
© Entendre Music 2018



Vote For Santa
© Entendre Music 2017



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These Videos and more available on Youtube
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For Booking Information contact:
Marcia Guderian & Entendre Music
P.O. Box 1569, Bellingham, WA 98227, (360) 647-4371

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