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This page is for musicians who participated in the

Songwriters Showcase Concert Series of 2005

Thanks to David Jennings expertise in sound and recording at the concerts and to my hard labor in production and editing, the recordings of the Songwriters Showcase Concerts all sound very nice - and there is some very good demo material available here. * There will of course be a fee for preparing and copying the recordings/files of each act or performer, part of which will go back to David for his work on the initial concert recording sessions.

Legally, I can only provide each musician or band with recordings of their own performance, so it will be necessary for me to separate your material into individual files. For an added fee, I can save each song in a separate file, so that you can select which songs you want to place on a demo CD instead of having to use the whole performance.

Recordings are available in the following formats:

1. Audio recordings made from the edited .wav files (can be played and copied to analog)
2. the edited .wav files (recommended for making audio CDs off your computer)
3. .mp3 files made from the edited .wav files (for electronic/online applications)
4. the original .wav files (which probably require computer editing to be usable)

There will be a $40 dollar basic fee plus $10 for each format selected, (Thus a minimum order is $50)

For separating the songs into individual files there'll be a $20 fee per format selected for that service.

extra copies are $2.50 each

* Bima members get a 20 percent discount.

All recordings will be in CD format unless otherwise requested.
If you wish your recording to also be on cassette tape there will be a $10 additional fee.

To order - email me or call me at 360-647-4371


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