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Album 4    -   Oh Now That's Just Silly!
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song lyrics

lead and backup vocals, acoustic guitar, kalimba,
electric bass and keyboard

With guest artists:
Tall Paul Laugharn   drums
Ranger Kidwell Ross   drums
Rand Mitchell   electric guitar

audio mix, graphic artwork and layout
by Marcia Guderian

cover photo of Marcia by Michael Latimer

All Songs:
words and music written by Marcia Guderian
© 2017, all rights reserved, BMI

Oh Now That's Just Silly!   © 2017 Marcia Guderian and Entendre Music (BMI) all rights reserved
CDs, (Cassettes by special order), Songbooks, Downloads

Artist's statement: "I wrote the melodies for these tunes between 2011 and 2013. They were never published and not really finished then.
I suddenly decided to write these new lyrics in 2017, because I thought it might be fun and challenging to come up with subject matter that would fit the 2013 titles. As it was I did have to just slightly alter most of the titles."


Carey Gene   (3:25)

Moderate Pop.
A face recognition episode...
Dinner For One   (3:12)

Moderate Blues.
It's too much work to cook for just yourself
with Rand Mitchell on electric guitar.
Wear It Well   (3:01)

Moderate Pop.
Be careful - it's your heart....
Friendship   (3:11)

Light waltz.
Maybe this is for kids.....?
Flash-Point   (3:25)

More moderate pop.
What was that? Did you see that??
with Tall Paul Laugharn on drums
Cyber-World   (3:58)

Folk / Pop.
What will you find in cyberspace?
Spun Around   (2:57)

Upbeat Folk
A look at newsphobia
White House (Instrumental)   (3:44)

Classical Folk / Pop
The tune goes in and out of moods
- it likes being an instrumental.
This time the title was altered to fit the music.
with Ranger Kidwell Ross on drums

All Songs: Words and music written by Marcia Guderian, copyright 2017, all rights reserved, BMI


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P.O. Box 1569
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E-Mail: marcia@entendremusic.com

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