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Christmastime Nw- Lyrics

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It's Christmastime

© 1989 Marcia Guderian, all rights reserved

Find the child inside. It isn't meant for grown-ups

It's Christmastime the last of the year
It's Christmastimethe thoughts are still clear
Of all the things you didn't do, although you really wanted to
And so you cry for days gone by and wonder why you're here

When I wasa child every Christmas was wild
With stockings and presents, excitement and smiles
And Daddy played Santa and Mama played piano
And I sang the alto and sis sang soprano
and brother sang tenor and daddy sang bass
These memories linger and won't be replaced

But It's Christmastime when loneliness grows
It's Christmastime when loneliness shows
When candy canes and mistletoe don't still give you a happy glow
You make the best of what is left and let those old times go
at Christmastime

If we all could be children at Christmastime

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Lo How a Rose...  (Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen)

Traditional German melody with new English lyrics © 2017 Marcia Guderian,all rights reserved

 Lo how a rose has grown as
 from tender root doth climb
 In ancient song t'was shown as
 coming of Jesse's line
 And bloomed a gentle flower
 T'was in the dark of winter
 nigh on the midnight hour

 Just as Isaiah forsaw it
 Said rose was thus designed,
 Sweet floweret that was brought
 From Mary, pure and kind,
 So God addressed man's plight,
 She bore a child to save us
 On that long midwinter's night.

 Shining as a midnight stranger
 a star to point the way
 Where in a lowly manger
 the babe, the saviour lay
 and came a wond'ring throng
 To see the baby sleeping
 and hear the angel's song

 This fragrant flower so humble
 shows forth a glorious light
 Though earth and stone shall crumble,
 a beacon shining bright
 Sweet Rose the night is near
 Only your gentle love can
 dispel my darkening fear

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Vote for Santa

© 2007 Marcia Guderian, all rights reserved

 Here Comes Santa, he's right outside
 Eight or nine reindeer make a pretty smooth ride
 Oh Here Comes Santa down the chimney again
 He don't mind getting dirty and he never shaves his chin

 Here comes Santa he's big and red
 He don't want you to see him so you better stay in bed
 Oh Here Comes Santa, he's makin his rounds
 And he never gets stuck, no no, he really gets down

 You'll never see him but you know he was there
 Every year at Christmas it's an annual affair
 Oh hey there Santa, what'd you bring for me
 I only gotta ask ya cos I'm livin in poverty

 Hey there Santa it's Christmas eve
 I'd ask you in for coffee but I know you gotta leave
 Oh Jet Speed Santa round the world tonight
 If you could run for office, man, you could set things right

 Vote for Santa, Vote for Santa
 Vote for Santa, Vote for Santa
 Put Santa Claus in office, man, but he could set things right

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A Party in the Forest

© 2017 Marcia Guderian, all rights reserved

 I wandered through the corridors of memories and dreams
 I peered through curtained mists of time at long forgotten scenes
 And then I saw a brilliant light that comforted my heart
 It hung above a forest tree, shining like a star

 As I paused I heard the sounds of voices in the night
 Of people walking through the woods, headed for the light
 They gathered round that forest tree and rituals were said
 While they hung upon its branches strings of berries, corn and bread

 They laughed and spoke and danced and sang, then suddenly were gone
 And in the stillness I could hear the echo of their song
 And day dawned on the forest and the ornamented tree
 And birds and woodland creatures came, and all enjoyed the feast

 Though many times a dream is gone escaping with the night
 This image stays within my mind fanciful and bright
 Mid-winter's night I close my eyes and still can clearly see
 That Party in the Forest round a special Christmas tree.

   I'll remember a Party in the Forest round a special Christmas tree.

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The Holly and the Ivy

Traditional British Isles with additional lyrical verses © 2017 Marcia Guderian, all rights reserved

 The Holly and the Ivy, when they are both full grown
 Of all the trees that are in the wood, The Holly bears the crown

      The rising of the sun and the running of the deer
      The playing of the merry pipes, Sweet singing in the choir

 The Ivy's creeping tendril, The Holly's painful thorn
 Are a vision fair, together there, On early Christmas morn

 The Holly's bright red berries, Bound by the Ivy's vines
 As the thorn of pain and sacrifice, With love and peace entwines

 Now never let us falter, And never let us fail
 To keep the light of love alive, And let peace and hope prevail

 repeat first verse

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When you ain't home for Christmas

© 2007 M. Guderian, all rights reserved

 If you ain't home for Christmas, You got no place to go  (2x)
 Seems suddenly at Christmas, You need someone to know

 No place open on Christmas, No place you can hang around  (2x)
 Everyone stays home on Christmas In this one horse Christian town

 All alone at Christmas, That ain't no kind of life  (2x)
 The man who loved you last night Has gone home to his wife

 One times one is one, and none times none is none  (2x)
 And sometimes it don't matter, but at Christmas you want some

 All alone at Christmas Well it makes you wanna know  (2x)
 How'd you get so old Without something more to show?

 When you ain't home for Christmas, There ain't no place to go  (2x)
 Seems suddenly at Christmas, You need someone to know

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Lullaby, Jesu   (Lulajze Jezuniu)

Traditional Polish with new English lyrics © 2017 Marcia Guderian, all rights reserved

 Lullaby Jesu, you must go to sleep now
 hush your low cries for 'tis no time to weep now

      Lullaby, Jesu, The angels shall watch you
      Mother shall sing to you and gently rock you
      Lulajze Jezuniu, lulajze, lulaj
      A Ty Go, Matulu, w placzu utulaj

 When you are waking, oh Jesu, my dear one
 mother shall comfort you, sweet precious son

 Hush now and sleep while the star shines above you
 Lullaby Jesu, all creatures shall love you.


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Everyone's Home

© 1988 M. Guderian, all rights reserved

 Well it's Christmas Christmas and Everyone's Home
 Everyone's happy and no one's alone
 How do you feel when you don't fit the plan
 And nobody else can understand
 And if your Christmas, Christmas is not full of cheer
 Just shrug your shoulders and come on down here
 Down to the only bar open in town
 Just slide into a back booth and get right down
 And have one for the walk and one for the snow and
 One for the people that you barely know
 Another year over, another year gone
 And you're just as poor and just as alone
 And it's Christmas Christmas and Everyone's Home

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Rise Up Shepherd and Follow

Traditional American, arrangement © 2017 Marcia Guderian, all rights reserved

 There`s a star in the east on Christmas morn
 Rise up shepherd and follow,
 It will lead to the place where the Saviour`s born
 Rise up shepherd and follow

      Leave your sheep and leave your lambs
      Rise up shepherd and follow
      Leave your ewes and leave your rams
      Rise up shepherd and follow
      Follow, follow,
      Rise up shepherd and follow
      Follow the star to Bethlenem
      Rise up shepherd and follow

 If you take close heed of the angel`s words
 Rise up shepherd and follow
 You`ll forget your flocks, and forget your herds
 Rise up shepherd and follow


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House Wive's Tale

Traditional British with new lyrics © 1989 Marcia Guderian, all rights reserved

 (to the tune os the 12 days of Christmas)

 On the ______ day of Christmas my true love brought to me:


 1. A House Full of Company

 2. Two birds to bake and

 3. Three more guests

 4. Four pies to make

 5. Five year old twins

 6 Six lists for shopping


 7. Seven gifts for wrapping

 8. Eight cards for sending

 9. Nine pots for washing

 10. Ten toys for mending

 11. Eleven children crying

 12. Twelve dishes breaking

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