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Album 3    -   Mansion On Mars
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song lyrics

lead and backup vocals, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars,
electric bass & crystal chimes

With guest artists:
JERRY COHEN: acoustc lead guitar, mandolin
RAY DOWNEY: woodwinds
RICK DUNN: pedal steel
JOHN FLANCHER: stand-up bass
JON HEMINGWAY: back-up vocals
GARY HADEN: keyboard
GEEB JOHNSTON: fiddle/violin
BRUCE PARKER: acoustic lead guitar, pennywhistle
RON SCHMIDT: electric lead guitar
CHUCK SEWARD: electric bass
BILL STERLING: tuba, stand-up bass

Engineered and Co-Produced by CHUCK SEWARD

computer artwork: AL SANDERS
© 2003 Entendre all rights reserved

All Songs: words and music by Marcia Guderian (BMI)
copyright 1988-2000, all rights reserved.

© 2003 ENTENDRE (BMI) all rights reserved
Available on CD. (Cassettes by special order)
Songbook of Lyrics & Lead sheets also available


Long Distance Love (Susan's Song)    (3:25)

Upbeat and Swingy Folk-Rag lament
tuba: Bill Sterling;
drums: Gil Barbee;
tenor sax & clarinet: Ray Downey
The Gypsy and the Thief    (3:52)

Folk / Soft-Rock Ballad - a story on the road
mandolin, acoustic lead guitar: Jerry Cohen;
drums: Gil Barbee
Up In The Attic    (2:38)

Upbeat Latin/Pop (no drums)
a song about self-deception
stand-up bass: John Flancher;
tenor sax: Ray Downey
Don't Play The Last Chord Wrong    (3:29)

Upbeat Country / Swing - ( just for fun )
drums: Gil Barbee;
stand-up bass: Bill Sterling;
pedal steel: Rick Dunn;
fiddle: Geeb Johnston;
acoustic lead guitar: Jerry Cohen;
and male back-up vocals : Jon Hemingway
Painting the World Blue    (3:45)

Blues Shuffle -
a "Bottom Dweller's" commentary
electric lead guitar : Ron Schmidt;
drums: Gil Barbee
Buy Me a Mansion On Mars    (3:52)

SciFi-Swing crossover ???
(acoustic, except for the synth intro)
tuba: Bill Sterling;
drums: Gil Barbee
I Would Not Let it Show    (3:03)

Folk lament ( no drums )
violins: Geeb Johnston;
cello: Janet Peterson;
electric bass: Chuck Seward
Don't You Put The Make On Me    (2:17)

Swingy Folk-Rag-Blues.
( A strong woman's song )
tuba: Bill Sterling;
drums: Gil Barbee;
piano: Gary Haden
If You Should Listen    (3:31)

Folk (no drums).
a haunting commentary of questions.
violins: Geeb Johnston;
and cello: Janet Peterson
You Blame It On Me    (3:25)

Upbeat Swing - humorous, frustrated lament
tuba: Bill Sterling;
drums: Gil Barbee
Blooz Medley What's More Important Than The Blues?
Habitually Blue

Acoustic Folk-Blues
( with a twist of old jazz )
acoustic lead guitar: Bruce Parker;
male back-up vocals : Jon Hemingway;
and drums: Gil Barbee
Competition    (3:18)

Country / Folk - a humorous love triangle song
electric bass: Chuck Seward;
pedal steel: Rick Dunn;
drums: Gil Barbee;
acoustic lead guitar: Jerry Cohen
Twisted Words(for Stephen)    (3:23)

Folk (no drums) - a comment on 'Justice'
flute: Ray Downey
If Only I Had a Clone    (2:55)

Folksy Sci Fi-Swing
Silly fun with an undercurrent (or two)
tuba: Bill Sterling;
drums: Gil Barbee;
and pennywhistle: Bruce Parker
Fairweather Friend    (3:40_

Blues-Ballad - lament
(with rich vocal & instrumental harmonies)
flutes & soprano sax: Ray Downey;
drums: Gil Barbee
No One Loves Your Lovin' Like Me    (1:59)

Swing - upbeat and flirtatious... A love song
drums: Gil Barbee;
stand-up bass: John Flancher;
piano: Gary Haden

All Songs: Words and music by Marcia Guderian, copyright 1988-2000, all rights reserved, BMI,


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