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Album 1    -   NO PARKING ANY TIME
Album Cover


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vocals, acoustic guitar,
keyboard, percussion

With performances by:
JAY YOUNG: drums

"Ranging from tender to fiesty, passionate to humorous, Marcia's unique songs paint images for the intelligent music lover......Her musical style spans Swing through Contemporary Folk. Marcia's expressive voice is backed up by guitar, bass and percussion, with violin, sax, autoharp, piano and drums by top area artists."
Bruce Boyle  -  Talk of the Town
song lyrics

Cassettes, SongBooks

all rights reserved

Engineered and Co-Produced


Winter's Day ( 4:02 )

Loving and leaving while the leaving's good folk/pop with Grapelli-like violin solo. With Guy Mulford on violin
I'm Not What I Seem ( 2:09 )

Fiesty statement of the war between the sexes with a jazzy swing beat. with Jay Young on drums.
Tired and Hungry ( 3:23 )

Inspired by love and mud flaps a traveling song - with a two step rhythm with Jay Young on drums
Simply Silly ( 2:52 )

Whimsical and affectionate like an old time musical - swing with a sultry sax solo. with Cindy Minkler on piano, Mark Kelly on tenor sax and Stephanie Straight on drums.
Paper ( 2:41 )

and more paper - a quantitative protest with a sense of humor and a bluesy shuffle beat. with Ranger Kidwell-Ross on drums.
Just To Tease You ( 2:51 )

Ever died in traffic? - humorous folk/rock protest. with Ranger Kidwell-Ross on drums

Near You ( 2:57 )

Is it a dream or is it real? - a folk ballad with a delicately played autoharp. with Richard Scholtz on autoharp and Ranger Kidwell-Ross on drums.
Somebody Else's Shoes ( 3:33 )

Just for fun, old fashioned swing with a twist of humor with Cindy Minkler on piano, Mark Kelly on soprano sax and Stephanie Straight on drums.
Heart to Heart ( 3:06 )

A relationship gone a rye - an upbeat comment on alcohol abuse. with Richard Scholtz on autoharp and Jay Young on drums.
What's the Matter With You ( 3:16 )

Makes the best of a fading love - folk/jazz shuffle with sax. with Mark Kelly on tenor sax and Stephanie Straight on drums.
You Are Changing My Life ( 4:12 )

Sweeping and melodic love song - folk/pop with a touch of torch styling. with Guy Mulford on violin.
Raindrop ( 3:04 )

Beauty woven around a bitter sweet feeling - folk/pop with autoharp. with Richard Scholtz on autoharp and Jay Young on drums.
Love Can't You Stay ( 2:56 )

Haunting scenes of emotions personified - light folk/rock with a latin beat. with Jay Young on drums.
Nightingale ( 3:09 )

images within images, wrapped in a soaring minor melody - folk arranged in light classical styling, with Richard Scholtz on autoharp
Please Turn it Off ( 1:24 )

Is the "truth" for sale? - strongly melodic folk/rock protest.

All Songs: words and music by Marcia Guderian (BMI)
copyright 1988-9 all rights reserved.


"This album is thoroughly delightful, imaginative and ear-catching. It has the fresh feeling of a creative, sometimes off-beat perspective on life and the world...great back-up musicians......Great songs with meaning and charm"
Maureen Jackson
Victory Music Review

"Marcia approaches her subject with a tongue-in-cheek, folksy swing...she still calls a pig a pig, but in such a way that you have to laugh...I like her voice..."
Dan Thompson
The South Seattle Sentinel

"excellent songs, written and beautifully sung by Marcia.. the kind of professional edge rarely heard on a first effort.... notably good lyrics...'star' quality... "
David Hull-editor
Northwest Events & Lifestyle Review

"a stimulating and provocative collection...rich in powerful images set in elegant music"
Bruce Boyle
Talk of the Town


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